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After years of delivering successful projects,

We’ve pinpointed 3 activities that we do exceptionally well.

Custom B2B and B2C Software

Your customers are unique and so is the software we build for you. We specialize in truly listening to needs, building high tech solutions, and crafting great user experiences. We are constantly called in at the beginning of projects to help customers understand the potential of technology.

Smart & Mobile Systems

Imagine software and mobile apps that are constantly aware of their surroundings. Software brains that mimic nature to solve problems. Software that adapts to a user’s individual learning styles and preferences. We’ve built them all and are continuing to pour intelligence into mobile devices.

Design and Build for Users

We don’t guess what might work for your users. We create user scenarios, generate user system models, analyze workflows, and design the UI to fit user tasks. We perform usability studies and evaluate interfaces using potential users. There are few software development shops that have such a user-oriented attitude.

Did you miss our recent presentation on iBeacon Technology?

Huladyne Labs has been experimenting with Beacons, and we are currently building this capability into iOS apps for our customers.

Download the presentation here or visit our Beacon FAQ.

Why Huladyne?

“I was honored for the opportunity to work with Brad [Wiederholt, Huladyne’s founder], and observe a full cycle development leader in action. He excels in all areas of SDLC, exceeding the majority of engineers to include establishing client relationships, fleshing out requirements, developing solutions, and carrying through with delivering to stakeholders. I highly recommend Brad, and I would look forward to working with him in the future.”
Joe Davidson

Engineering Manager, Amplify Learning

“Brad [Wiederholt] is a rare example of someone who successfully spans several disciplines. Not only is he an expert in UX, but he is also a strong developer. In a UX role, he understands how to present information to specific audiences in meaningful and intuitive ways, helping the user to make faster decisions. He is a great communicator, working effectively with developers and fully understands the technologies to get the job done.
As a developer, he is a great all rounder, able to pick up and deliver with the right technology for the customer and also has a pragmatic understanding of value to the business.”
Andrew Walker

Manager, Development and Integration, InterContinental Hotels Group

“If you need to get some things done, Brad [Wiederholt] is your man. This person is the rarest combination of talent I’ve ever seen in my 30 year career. His goal is to find out your goal and help achieve it with tangible artifacts and next steps provided in clear concise documentation and other tools to create results. The technical knowledge and agility that Brad has mastered allows him to jump from one type of system to another with little to no learning time to get there.  He makes a great ambassador to the technical diversity of deep experts in a language that they find familiar.

Brad is about creating collaborative harmony to get projects to viable and robust solutions faster. He can spot potential roadblocks in technology and in business with a keen eye to flagging the possible bottlenecks in creating value.”

Kenneth Wells

Director, Visual Design, McKesson / RelayHealth

Huladyne Labs follows a Lean and Agile development process.


We Listen

Your problems and your customers drive our solutions.   We don’t carry a set of stock answers and technologies that we thrust upon you.   Our ideas are as unique as your situation.

We Design

We work in a user-centered fashion to examine your use cases, and then focus on the needs of the end-user.   We prototype on paper, computer, and in clay (yes, clay!) before we generate a single line of code.

We Build

Our team of senior software developers have full-stack experience in building large systems.   We specialize in the newest technologies, like Mobile and Web Apps, Geolocation, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence.

We Deliver

We deliver incremental solutions in an agile fashion.   We find that delivering a Minimal Viable Product meets your needs surprisingly fast.  We do not waste time or money by delivering unnecessary features.

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