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Huladyne Labs FAQs

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What is Huladyne Labs?

Huladyne Labs is a technology research, development, and delivery company.  We help organizations innovate, develop capabilities, build businesses, and grow.

Our strengths lie in customer and user focus, exploration and application of new technology, and timely delivery of working systems. We have recent experience in mobile and web applications, data mining, and user interface design.

Huladyne Labs is inspired by the NCR Human Interface Technology Center (HITC) that existed in Atlanta in the 1980’s and 90’s. HITC specialized in developing new human-interface technologies and combining them with a user-centered design process. While HITC focused primarily on retail applications, Huladyne Labs has a broader scope. Our founder, Brad Wiederholt, was an HITC leader in the area of applying Intelligent Tutoring Systems to commercial products.

Huladyne Labs has a local social mission to help contribute to the growth of the Alpharetta, Georgia high tech community.

What does Huladyne mean?

Hula is a Hawaiian dance that uses gestures for artistic communication and expression of thoughts, meanings, and feelings.

Dyne comes from the Greek dynamis, meaning power and force. It is a popular suffix in movies and literature for scientific companies specializing in futuristic technology (e.g., Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, and Cyberdyne Systems from the Terminator film series).

Thus, Huladyne roughly means “Communication of the Future”. We focus on how humans and machines can communicate and collaborate with one another in novel and natural ways.

Where are you located?

Huladyne Labs is located in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA metropolitan area.

Our mailing address is:

Brad Wiederholt / Huladyne Labs, LLC
140 Whitney Valley Walk
Johns Creek, GA 30097



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