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Brad Wiederholt

Brad Wiederholt

Founder & Principal Architect

Brad Wiederholt is an Atlanta-based User Experience Technologist.  Most recently he has:


  • Designed, built and delivered iOS and Hybrid mobile apps
  • Rescued iOS projects
  • Designed the visual and tech architecture for a patent search system
  • Built apps with AngularJS and other Javascript libraries
  • Created visualizations with D3
  • Developed a machine learning system for weather prediction
  • Performed Rapid Prototyping and Concept Testing
  • Designed and conducted User Experience studies
  • Led local and off-shore development teams
  • Recent presentations:
    • iBeacon technology and demo at Atlanta iOS meet-up
    • What’s new in Angular 1.4 at Alpharetta AngularJS meet-up

Brad has over 25 years of professional research and development experience including the AT&T/NCR Human Interface Technology Center, Search Technology, Combineering, and the Institute for Software Innovation.  He also held Architect positions at RelayHealth/McKesson and Mirant.   Brad has founded or co-founded companies in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Software Development (with some artificial intelligence, educational tutoring systems, and multimedia research done under this umbrella). One of these companies, The Institute for Software Innovation, produced an award-winning tutoring product called “Around the Web in 80 Minutes” that was sold by CompUSA, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers.

Brad holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

With Huladyne Labs, Brad’s goal is to continue this tradition of taking the latest advances in mobile, software architecture & development and user interfaces,  and applying these new techniques to the systems Huladyne builds for its customers.