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Welcome to the Physical Web!

Huladyne Labs are experts in Physical Web and Proximity-Based Applications.

We help retail stores, hotels, marketing agencies, museums, tourist sites, trade shows, restaurants, sport courts, music festivals, campuses, …

… enhance their offerings with proximity marketing, proximity-activated objects, people and object indoor tracking, promotions and coupons, catalogs, information display, and more.

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The Physical Web is an effort to extend the core superpower of the web – the URL – to everyday physical objects. The core premise is that you should be able to walk up to any “smart” physical object (e.g. a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a bus stop, a rental car) and interact with it without first downloading an app. The user experience of smart objects should be much like links in a web browser: i.e., just tap and use.

At its base, the Physical Web is a discovery service: a smart object broadcasts relevant URLs that any nearby device can receive. This simple capability can unlock exciting new ways to interact with the Web.